Day 20

Today only i went to work because Jaka was a little bit sick. That day also Isak was sick so i was working with Hassan. We started sweeping like usual. Afterworlds we started to make the safety fences on the top flor. We took the rubbish to the skip and my shift was over so […]

Day 18

We woke up early as usual. Ate breakfast and had our morning coffee. Then we went to work. We ware working with Isak and with Awale who is the boss of plumbers and electricians. We helped them with a few things and started to clean the rubbish. We finished the apartment and went to help […]

Day 14

This day the weather was awful. In ten minutes it was raining in the next it was sunny. We woke up a little bit late because last night we went to Havana. We made lunch and decided that tomorrow we will go to Comino and the Blue lagune and Goze to Victoria. We booked our […]

Day 9

We both woke up at around 9 p.m. and then our boss called us why didn’t we come to work. It was strange why he asked us because ouse we left him a text message a day before. We ate breakfast and went to work with both being sick. We didn’t work the whole day […]

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