Day 28

This was our last day in Malta and we had a blast. We woke up at 8.30 a.m. We cleaned the entire apartment washed the dishes, washed the floor. Our driver came to pick us up at 12.30 in-front of our apartment. We got to the airport in Malta to find out ur flight to Münich was delayed. First we ware a little scared but we found out quickly it was only for half an hour. We got to Münich at around 7 p.m. there we had to pick up our boarding pass and found our gate. We had some more time and drank a cup of coffee. We cam to Slovenia at 9.40 p.m.

Day 27

This was our last day at work on Malta. The day started as usual. At work we ware sweeping the apartments in block B. We finished early because we had to go to the meeting with easy jobs. When we went on the bus stop to wait for our bus we saw a couple of Slovenians. They just arrived to Malta and they asked us for some pointers. We went to Valletta to talk and grab a drink. After that we went to the meeting. We stayed in Valletta for a few hours to buy some souvenirs. We got home and ate lunch. Later we had plans to meet with a friend before we leave the next day. He came to our place and had a cup of coffee. He stayed for a hour or so and went home since he has to work Saturdays. We went to sleep early for tomorrow’s departure.

Day 24

We woke up early in the morning. So than we wnet on the bus to Valletta and then from there to our working place. We ware working with Hassan and Isak again and we ware sweeping the floor and we ware taking trash out side. Than was lunch and wme told Hassan the we ware planing to go to aquarium. So he told us that we just need to ask boss if we can go. So he sad yes and we went home and eat lunch and than we wnet to aquarium and we saw sharks and some beautiful fish’s. That when we came home we ware tired so we ware just watching movies and than we went to bad.

Day 26

We woke up early in the morning.we ate breakfast and drink some coffee. Than we went to Valletta with bus and than from there to our working place. We ware sweeping the floor and ware taking trash outside. We ware doing thant and we talked about how we leave soon. And they sad that they are gona miss us. So when job was done we went home and we ate lunch. And drink some coffee after lunch. Than we finished packing our stuff. And we cleaned our apartment. And than we ware just watchin movies and went to bed.

Day 25

We woke up at 5 a.m. We ate breakfast and drank our morning coffee. We went on the bus to work at 6.10 a.m. We got to work at 7 o clock and our boss Awale gave us brooms and buckets to go and clean outside the sidewalk with Hassan. This was our last day working with Hassan. We finished at 3.30 p.m. I went to the store wile Jaka was making lunch. I bought some things for Friday. A got home and we ate lunch then started to clean the apartment and started packing our stuff. We finished late and ate dinner and went to sleep.

Day 22

It was Sunday and we had plans to go to the national aquarium in Bugibba or to the Popeye village. We both woke up to a rainy day at 8 o’clock a.m. At first we wanted to go to Popeye village but the rain was coming down heavily. So we said that it would be better to go to the aquarium. We decided to wait a few hours so the rain would stop, but it didn’t so we couldn’t go anywhere. We stayed at home and made spaghetti and bolognese souse. At the end of the day we decided to go to Charles bar near our apartment since it was game night and we went. We had a good time and enjoyed the game between Napoli and Genoa. After the game ended we went home to bed.

Day 21

We woke up early in the morning we ate breakfast. Than we had some coffe. It was raining outside so we didnt have plans for today. But after lunch stopped raining and we went to Valletta. We went to the restaurant and we bought two burgers. Than after we ate we went to the shop to buy some stuff for the week. When we came home we ware just watching movies and went to sleep.

Day 20

Today only i went to work because Jaka was a little bit sick. That day also Isak was sick so i was working with Hassan. We started sweeping like usual. Afterworlds we started to make the safety fences on the top flor. We took the rubbish to the skip and my shift was over so i went home. The weather was terrible this day like the whole week. It was raining when i got home, so we stayed in the apartment. We watched the game between Southampton v Liverpool and after went to sleep.

Day 19

We woke up early in the morning, we bought ate something and than we went to bus. We ware wating for the bus and the bus didn’t stop he just passed us. So we waited for another bus to come. When we came to the working place we told our boss why we didn’t come when we soposed to. We ware working with Hasan and Isak again sweeping the floor. For the rest od the day i didn’t do much because i was sick. So i was sleeping for the rest of the day.

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